Tuition & What's Included





Flights, transportation, and accommodations for the students' national and international travel are included. At least one chaperone will accompany students during their travels, and all trips/travelers will be covered by traveler’s insurance.


Orientation and Checkpoint weeks are scheduled to help students set goals, network with other students, and develop valuable skills. All accommodations and meals for these weeks are included in tuition. Impromptu learning workshops and other experiences will also be available to students throughout the year.


From the start of the program, mentors will help students set both short and long term goals for their Gap Year and beyond. Mentors will also arrange workshops and other learning opportunities that will target both personal and professional success. Guidance will be available to students as they apply to colleges and scholarships. Mentors will continue to support students as they work to achieve their Gap Year goals, as well as throughout their college career.


Dozens of local businesses and volunteer organizations are committed to Venture Point students and determined to help make the most of their Gap Year experience. Through the volunteer opportunities and job shadows, students will create an extensive network of professional contacts that they can leverage as they prepare for their careers. They will be able to utilize these connections for professional advice and networking.


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Students will gain the priceless professional experience they need to navigate the beginning of their career planning. Mentors will help students research career paths and place them into various job shadow programs that are the right fit for them. This experience will stand out to college admissions counselors and give students an idea of what it is like in the real world. Potential Categories:

  • Business
  • Education and Human Services
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology



Students will seize the opportunity to travel to various destinations across the United States and Europe. They will make the most of their time abroad by planning the activities that interest them along with fellow students. Students will discover new cultures and ways of life while learning more about themselves along the way. Travel Placement Categories:

  • Domestic *
    • Nature Lovers: Appreciate some of the natural wonders of the western U.S. that will be sure to take your breath away.
    • Free Thinkers: Explore some of America’s most contemporary towns filled with different ways of life.
    • Southern Comfort: See the sights and feel America’s southern charm through different cities down south.
  • International *
    • France/Spain: Explore Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid
    • Italy/Greece: Discover Athens, Santorini, Rome, and Venice
    • Northern Europe: Sightsee Dublin, Glasgow, London, and Amsterdam
  • Finale
    • The third and final trip is planned entirely by the student. We give you the budget, and you build upon what you've learned to plan one last successful venture.

* These are sample itineraries and are subject to change



Students will make an impact on local communities in need by donating their time to various volunteer organizations. They will engage in communities different from themselves and make a difference where it matters most. Volunteer Placement Categories:

  • Animals
  • Arts, Science, and Culture
  • Children and Youth
  • Community
  • Education and Literacy
  • Environment



We set aside time in students’ Gap Year to help them find the right school that fits all of their needs.

During Orientation, students will research colleges and plan out their visits. Students then have two separate weeks to visit the colleges that they picked out, knowing what details to look for in each one.

Once the schools are chosen, we will guide students through their daunting college and scholarship applications. While the applications are created and owned by each student, mentors will assist with resume building and priorities for each application.



Students will have the opportunity to put all of their learnings to the test through building and executing a Venture Project of their own. Students will create their own Venture, such as a fundraiser or community event, in order to raise money or awareness for students’ local communities.

Venture creation is incubated by each student, however mentors will be by their side to see it to completion. Students will learn invaluable skills that will prepare them for college and beyond, such as time management, independence, adaptability, communication, and much more.

Whoever has the most successful Venture, which can be defined as monetary or otherwise, will be awarded a Venture Scholarship worth up to their full Gap Year tuition at the end of the program.



Mentors will guide students through their Gap Year as a compass, but the destination is up to the students.

  • We begin the program with week-long Orientation, where students build their goals, determine their strengths and opportunities, and attend various skill building workshops.
  • In the middle of the program, students will attend Checkpoint week, where they will reflect on their progress and goals, and plan for the future ahead.
  • Throughout the Gap Year, mentors arrange Flash Flocks, where students take a day to get together and explore local treasures while continuing to build upon their skill sets.
  • At the end of the program, students attend Fledge, where Mentors reflect on the year and award student(s) with the Venture Scholarship.